World Partners Finance Corporation

World Partners Finance Corporation

About Us

WORLD PARTNERS FINANCE CORPORATION (WPFC) is a duly licensed domestic financing company duly registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission on April 16, 1997.
The company provides innovative and practical financial products and services to private corporations, partnerships and single proprietorships. Initially started by servicing all the accredited suppliers of Hortaleza Group of Companies, it has by now, opened this facility to external clients which have passed certain criteria. Aside from this, its business expanded to other commercial and consumer loan facilities, providing businesses and individuals with a range of financial services and support systems.
At present, WPFC has a loan portfolio of more than P1B in pesos. The authorized capital as of March 2015 is P300 Million, of which P 200 Million, is paid up. 

Behind the success of ANG HORTALEZA Corporation are Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza and Dr. Rosalinda A. Hortaleza who is also the couple behind other companies like:

Splash Corporation

Splash Corporation is a publicly listed Filipino company with business interests in personal care and food manufacturing, marketing, and distribution in the Philippines and in the international market.  Founded in 1985, Splash was able to grow from a Php 12,000.00 backyard business into a Php3.5 billion enterprise through the vision, innovation and commitment of its founders Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza and Dr. Rosalinda A. Hortaleza. Being consistently among the top corporations in the Philippines since 1998, the Company has established its reputation as one of the formidable players in the Philippine personal care industry.
As of December 2013, Splash Corporation, ranks fifth in the personal care industry, outranked only by giant multinationals, making Splash Corporation the number 1 Philippine-based personal care company.
Splash carries the brands Extraderm, Maxi-Peel and Skin White. It also carries one of the fastest growing skin care brands in the Philippines.
HBC, Inc.

HBC, Inc. founded in 1993 by the husband and wife team of Dr. Rolando B. Hortaleza and Dra. Rosalinda Ang-Hortaleza, Hbc started with only six (6) inherited stores from Dr. Hortaleza’s parents. The young couple was in the infancy stages of their manufacturing firm when they’ve decided to add one more store for a total of 7 start-up stores and gave it a new modern name hbc or Hortaleza Beauty Center. Selling initially nail care products like cuticle remover and nail polish to freelance manicuristas, it became famous for selling salon accessories and tools on top of its reliable sharpening service.
Adding to its over 200 stores nationwide, hbc has acquired SaveMore Drug in 2011, to address the healthcare needs of its customers. The then SaveMore Drug is now known as ShopMore, a tradename for all of our community-based grocery stores, which carries a wide assortment of personal care products, and a bigger convenience section.
World Partners Insurance (WPI)

World Partners Insurance (WPI) – started operations April 8, 1998 exclusively to service the requirements of Splash Corporation, which eventually solicits external account. The company offers basic non-life insurance like Fire Insurance, Motor Insurance, Suretyship, Personal Accident, Marine Insurance, Liability Insurance, Engineering Insurance and Casualty Insurance.